OrangeSeeds Mixer!

OrangeSeeds Mixer!

OrangeSeeds Mixer!

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All the seeds came dressed in their best “business casual” attire as we prepared to meet OrangeSeeds of the past. Speaking with many, they were all involved in numerous organizations on campus including campus representatives for insomnia cookies and bobble water bottles, club sport captains, Orientation Leaders, and so many more.

Many great connections were made including meeting Hannah Scollins (Seed Class 2014) who is great friends with a friend from my home town. The casual atmosphere made it really easy to get to know the alumni. Meeting people like Jennie May (Seed Class 2014) also made it seem as if people could be involved in everything. Hearing some of her many organizations influenced myself and the other seeds I was with to look into joining U100 because of how great she made it seem. Meeting so many great alumni and having some great cookies made for a fun evening for all.

– Julia Arsenaultcurrent Seed Class of ’15









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