2018-2019 Seed Class

    Alex Dengel

    Major: Chemistry

    Hometown: Syracuse

    What are you most excited for about OrangeSeeds?
    New people & opportunities

    Fun Fact about you?
    I’ve been skateboarding for 14 years

        Allie Hnasko

        Major: Theatre Management

        Hometown: Raritan, New Jersey

        What are you most excited for about OrangeSeeds?

        Being an active leader on campus as well as giving back to the community, all while meeting new, fun people!

        Fun Fact about you?

        My favorite movie is Princess Diaries 2.

            Allison Brunetto

            Major: Undecided in Newhouse

            Hometown: Hawthorne, NY

            What are you most excited for about OrangeSeeds?

            The opportunity to see more of the city of Syracuse and meet new people!

            Fun Fact?

            I have crooked pinkies

                Amanda Quon

                Major: Communications Design

                Hometown: Robbinsville, NJ

                What are you most excited for about OrangeSeeds?

                I am so excited to serve the community and meet new people I can hopefully call my Syracuse family!

                Fun Fact?

                I’m an avid button and pin collector!

                    Anna Erickson

                    Hometown: Madison, NJ

                    Major: Undecided in College of Arts and Sciences

                    What are you most excited for Seeds?

                    The OrangeSeeds community has been my primary sense of family since moving into Syracuse. The energy in the group is always vibrant and uplifting. Being able to extend this energy out into the community has been incredible. There is so much love to share! I am excited to be apart of something so special on campus. In high school I’ve done small community service projects through school and church but taking that experience a step further is definitely going to be able to have a bigger impact on my new community here at Syracuse.

                    Fun Fact?

                    I have four brothers and two sisters who I miss very much