A First Year Leadership Empowerment Program

Our History


The Roots of OrangeSeeds

Founded by Travis Mason in 2004, OrangeSeeds acquaints passionate first-year students with the campus and its leaders, and challenges new students to become actively involved during their first semester on campus. Through a number of learning and community service opportunities, Seeds engage with the Syracuse campus and greater city in need.


Connecting Students to their Campus

The Seeds interact with a number of guest speakers that lead campus from both Syracuse administration and student organizations. These speakers have included past Dean of Student Affairs Thomas V. Wolfe, Dean of Hendricks Chapel Brian Konkol, representatives from the Career Service Center, former Student Association president Neal Casey, and various panels of current student leaders.


Community Service

Seeds also become involved in a number of on- and off-campus volunteer opportunities that spark their passion, problem-solving skills, and capabilities to lead. Seeds will become engaged in service activities that range from doling out food at the Syracuse Samaritan Center to working on beautification projects at the Salvation Army, and from interacting with visitors to the Syracuse Zoo on Halloween to wrapping Christmas gifts for children at the First English Lutheran Church. Seeds are also in charge of planning the Big Event, the largest student run day of community service at Syracuse University.