Gillian Pelkonen




Northport, New York


Undecided in Newhouse


Drinking coffee, playing guitar (or ukulele), watching sunrises, driving aimlessly, musical theatre, bookstores, shopping, and finding cute places that serve good food (preferably bagels, pizza, sushi, and acai bowls)


OrangeSeeds, MESH, Orange Pulse, Residence Hall Association

Favorite Quote:

“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Thoughts on OrangeSeeds:

It has been approximately 0.5 seconds since I joined, but I am obsessed with OrangeSeeds. Somehow they have selected a group of people that are exactly like me but have such different and interesting lives that somehow brought us all to the same place. Also, I love doing community service and school-sponsored events, and OrangeSeeds gives me a place to go where I can do that while also having tons of fun (and singing lots of great throwback songs).