Erin King




Avon, Ohio


Biomedical Engineering


Playing soccer, reading, watching netflix specifically criminal minds, disney movies, my Harry Potter board on Pinterest, photography, watching ice hockey, napping, being with family and friends


Women’s Club Soccer, Peer to Peer, OrangeSeeds

Favorite Quote:

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Jennifer Lee

Thoughts on OrangeSeeds:

OrangeSeeds is an organization that shows student leaders the importance of compassion, humility, tolerance, and acceptance through service opportunities in the outer Syracuse community. OrangeSeeds is unique because it a group of like-minded determined individuals that share the same drive and mindset about their respective passions and interests, while developing leadership skills and giving back to the community. I believe what makes OrangeSeeds especially great is that this group of people become your support system, best friends, and family.