Lauren Miller


Chicago, IL



Undecided in Newhouse and Policy Studies



Hiking, traveling, news/politics, art as a means of talking about social issues, cooking, yoga, coffee, The Office, SNL, rom coms, intersectional feminism, photography, deep dish pizza… Lactaid, mindfulness/positivity, The Chicago Cubs, “mainstream” indie music


Other Organizations:

Camp Kesem, TNH, Chaarg, Rec Department


Favorite quote:

“Let’s go dancing while we still have feet.”


Thoughts on Seeds:

I’m so grateful to be a part of Seeds. Immediately upon joining it, I was enveloped by some of the most loving, supportive and passionate people I’ve meet in my time at SU. That sentiment of love and passion carries throughout everything we do in Seeds, from service projects to the meetings and everything in between. Even though I’ve only been a Seed for a month, it has quickly become something I look forward to every week.